New Rentals!

Russell Canoe's Bucket and Tracker Inflatibles

We are always on the lookout for new rental items, and our patience has finally paid off!

This year, we are proud to announce the following new items:

The Tracker (pictured above, red) – This inflatable kayak is extremely comfortable and available to rent for $32 for the 2-3 hour trip (Stoddard Access Site to Russell’s).  The pricing is the same as for a single kayak.  We may offer the Crystal Creek to Russell’s trip at a later date, but we need to test timing first.  They are immediately available for rental.

The Bucket (pictured above, yellow) – This new inflatable allows you to get closer to the water than our banana cabanas.  This item will be offered for rental for $32 for the 4 hr. trip (Stoddard Access Site to Russell’s) and $27 for the 1.5 hr. trip (Russell’s to State Rd).  The pricing is the same as a banana cabana.  While we have a prototype in our hands, we are expecting a shipment of 50 within the next week or two.  Watch for the announcement that they have arrived!

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